Monday, October 24, 2011

Pitalkhora, Ajanta and Ellora--the Art of ancient India

I have been exploring and revisting the ancient art of India in North and West India. Specifically I visited Deogarh In Uttar Pradesh near Lalitpur. Very difficult to arrive at Deogarh no regular transport not much for stay and no arrangement for food. But then if you have your angel with you does it really matter.The place has the temple from Gupt period 5th century the golden Age of India. the temple 'Dasavtara' is the first stand alone temple with a shikhara.
Next I moved to Ajanta in Maharastra to savour yet again the great murals and sculptures from Satavahana and Vakataka period.
Further away to Ellora where a spent three days (not enough for my studies.

                                                      A rare mural from Pitalkhora Caves

The Nature at Deogarh UP
the river is Betwa that divides UP and Madhya Pradesh


                                                          Ajanta Murals--the golden height of Indian art

Last I explored Pitalkhora Caves near Kannad that is about 50kms from Ellora.