Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Tamil Temple art

The art of Tamils has intimate relation with temples. Be it dance, music, poetry, songs, paintings, murals, stucco, sculptures in stone, bronze and wood all were given great impetus by temple building that started in durable stone material with Pallvas and continued thereafter.
Eroticism is a common thread that runs through temples not only in Tamil land but in rest of India from early times. While the spiritual aspect of gods is emphasized their sensual love is not underplayed in temple narratives.
Stucco: Erotic art Sarangapani Kumbakonam Tamil Nadu
Love is an important part of godliness in Hindu pantheon.

Kumbakonam:The town of Tamil temple art

Kumbakonam lives in the midst of history; nay it is history living in present. The town holds in its fragrant lap a number of ancient temples and is surrounded by grid of large number of temples. The celebrated Ramaswamy temple is in the middle of the town and has beautiful sculptures.
The photo here is a small temple built on kulam of the temple. The colourful stucco gopuram has at it base a daily dose of posters. Here the guy is putting gum on the poster to stick it on the wall while the old man with staff is full of verve and watches the next change of film.
God and film star: Kumbakonam Tamil Nadu
The images are dominant part of Tamil culture here god shares his temple with modern day demi-gods. This small temple has been encroached upon by human devotee who runs a shop (shuttered here) selling garments sharing space with God.