Saturday, February 7, 2009

Drawing---the soul of art

Drawing---the soul of art
Drawing is the structure which is embellished to create the edifice of painting. Drawing captures the genetic nuances of forms—their flow, rhythm, movement, composition, mood. Drawing is unifocal and is often based on lines or monochromes. Drawing in Asian tradition is an independent medium at par with painting. Chinese and Japanese techniques base on non-disruptive continuous strokes to render a mood or a stance. Zen drawings breathe on spiritual, meditative frugality and follow the dictum, ‘less is more’. Drawing brings our focus on inner fulcrum rather than outward as is often the case with vary chromed paintings. Drawing lifts our perception higher than the imminent sensorial cue.
The present exhibition has a wide spectrum of expression from Maestros and emerging talent in Indian art space. In terms of valuation a drawing is generally placed below paintings but higher up graphics and prints. Each drawing is a unique expression of the intent and exploration by an artist. Very many important/landmark paintings by great artists are based on the primary drawings. In 2008 while in New York City for my solo exhibition I savoured a fine collection of Gallery St.Etienne. Prominent among artists whose drawings were exhibited included Egon Schiele, Gustav Klimt and Oskar Kokoschka. Some of the drawings were the foundation of great works by these Maestros. The prices of the works ranged between 1to 2 million dollars. Kind and suave 85 year old gallery director Ms. Hildegard Bachert shared with me the history of some great paintings that were based on quite a few of the drawings.
In sum a good drawing may happen to cost very little to a collector initially but in time can acquire great value if it is path breaking or is basis of a great painting.

Viktor Vijay Kumar
2nd Feb.2009

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