Saturday, March 19, 2011

The Cultures and art of the East--India

"Some day the history of colonization and slavery of the world would be written by the progeny of the sufferers or by disinfected intellectuals of white race. Jesus who himself was not of white race would have felt pained  and distressed in soul that in His name innocent humanity would first be demonized as heathen, barbarian and then  be  ‘civilized’ through a  demonic clergy, colonial master act and  slave trading ‘Christians’ for 500 long years." (page 107) excerpts from the book
 Painting by Viktor vijay from book  Mona Lisa does not smile anymore

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breadon said...

Viktor Vijay Kumar I see you have deleted all my reasonable refutations of your assumption that the west Christianity and it's art has damaged India.
In this post your absurd claims remain.
I studied art at the RA Schools London. I am now 68 and still a working artist.
My choice of a place to live is Asia because i prefer the society. I also have lived in India and was influenced by Hinduism and still am. I regard India as the Great Founding culture.
Why are you deleting my posts with no reply?
I believe my points do confound your flawed history and political agenda.
Why make contentious statements then avoid replies.
Sarasvwatti smiles No More?