Monday, January 9, 2012

The art of Tamils: Fragrance of Jasmine

I have  been working for quite some time on my next book on the art of ancient Tamils. I call it The Fragrance of Jasmine. I just returned from my yet another trip from Kerala and Tamilnadu (south Tamilnadu this time).
What holds me in awe is great imagination creativity, freshness and unique art that the Tamils created. My focus is  on visual fine arts from early period of Tamil history. Strewn throughout Tamilnadu in little known villages are great treasures of Tamil and therefore Indian art. There are problems of accessibility, transportation and basic infrastructure. But it is doubly or triply compensated by the love, affection and hospitality of common Tamils in beautiful small villages with uncommon warmth and desire to help and share. This honeyed land was called Tamilakam from early Sangam Era and  is so charming to behold, full of magic and ever-inviting in its matchless beauty.
It is a long haul to ingest the artistic landmarks in painting, murals, stuccoo, stone and bronze sculptures, and temple architecture of  Pandya, Chera, Chola and Pallavas. But then it is immense joy to immerse in this great art of Tamils.
Viktor Vijay
8th Janurary 2012 


shreya_91 said...

Wow're having so much fun!! And yeah the sculpture is a fine piece of art...All the best for future endevours!

artblog said...

appreciate ur views gives good energy. thx. u rock!!

artblog said...
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